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No-Obligation VT Docs Overview


 30 Minutes


Language Analysis Software
For Reviewing Complex Documentation

Automate tedious, manual doc review steps and improve quality throughout the lifecycle.

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To cater to our global audience, we run our product overview at three different time slots:

  • 11 am (EST)
  • 11 am (PDT)
  • 11 am (AEST)
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In this weekly product overview, you will learn about key features of VT Docs, including:

  • Compliance and Responsibility Matrix: How to shred RFPs and SOWs in seconds by creating matrices, using custom dictionaries to help pull your requirements such as “WILL”, “SHALL”, “MUST”, and identifying FAR and DFARS clauses for risk. 
  • Compare Docs: How to compare documents and quickly identify changes by highlighting additions, deletions, and modified requirements from the draft to the final version of the RFP. 
  • Acronym Extractor: How to use the acronym extractor to ensure everything is well defined in your response and to help mirror the RFP or SOW language. 
  • Readability: How to maintain a single tone of voice when working with multiple subject matter experts to compile responses using a customizable scoring system. This helps you to improve compliance, reduce risk, and allows you to win more business. 
  • Discovery: How to make better bid/no bid decisions by using past performance to quickly identify win themes, scrub for risky language in T’s & C’s, and complete a gap analysis.

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